A Global Cyber Threat Intelligence and Adversary Tracking Team
Cluster25 is the cyber intelligence research division of DuskRise Inc., a multinational technology company specializing in remote work protection. Cluster25 delivers accurate and actionable global and tailored intelligence data, empowering organizations with the visibility needed to identify and react faster to threats;

Experienced members from around the World 
Cluster25 experts are specialized in hunting and collecting cyber threats, analysis and reverse-engineering. Its members internally develop technologies and tools for attribution, classification and categorization of malicious artifacts often before these are used in operations. The can count on an extended degree of visibility in the dark and deep web with which it is able to provide custom threat intelligence services.

TTPs and Threat Insights
Cluster25 shares its findings and insights about the tools, techniques and procedures threat actors use to break in enterprises, organizations and government institutions around the world. 

Work with us

If you are confident with at least part of the following tasks…

  • Deeply reverse engineering malware and produce detailed reports.
  • Analyze and propose mitigations for 0day vulnerabilities and emerging threats.
  • Create complex detection content (Snort, Yara, Sigma, ClamAV).
  • Discover vulnerabilities and write exploits.
  • Demonstrate scripting experience in several languages.
  • Source, analyze, prioritize, contextualize and validate cyber threat intelligence data from different sources (OSINT, CLOSINT, commercial third-parties, partners, info-sharing programs etc.etc.) and produce detailed reports.
  • Hunt for malware and other bad things in various datasets through techniques and methodologies aimed at classifying and attributing cyber threats.
  • Be confident with topics such as statistics, probability and AI/machine learning.

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Cluster25 is open to talents with any background and from any region of the world.